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1978, UK

Historically, craft and tradition have played a vital role in establishing the feminine psyche, and it is these motifs that inspire my practice. Exposing the psyche by material means engages with specific made from scratch materials, such as, paint, pigmented chalks and genuine gesso. Other material choices inspire to transcend us beyond our own materiality, and is underpinned, by way of, repetition and ritual.


The work seeks to unveil the hidden and silent self, whilst simultaneously operating in concealment and disguise, in an attempt

to retain agency. Secret gestures invite a participation into painted labyrinths. In other works, thorny illusions of bondage seek to push away. Other gestures are performed by invitational hands, poking tongues an inquiring digits alike, replaying seduction and repulsion in equal measure. The presentation of disembodied form animates the inanimate plane of the painted surface, propositional portals to something beyond and within. Fluorescent shape shifting forms evoke second guesses, whilst other colour choices allude to an abject sickly sweet. At play in all the work, is the illusion or portrayal of flesh, be it, waxen toes and oily tongues, the scarified skin of gesso or writhing bitten clay. The work, as a whole, is a portrait, and one that revels in a rebellion of the sacred, yet simultaneously, seeks to enchant the disenchanted.


Dr Maria Walsh said of my work at Flowers ‘Artist of the Day’, 2010, “Knight’s work is like a feminine deconstruction of Francis Bacon, it isn’t just painting, it’s installation”.

After graduating with an MA (distinction) fine art from City and Guilds of London Art School in 2021, as well as, being awarded the Eversheds Painting Prize upon the BA (Hons) from Chelsea School of Art and Design in 2005, Knight now works from her studio in the creative quarter of Folkestone, Kent, UK.


Most notably her work was selected for Artist of the Day, at Flowers Central, Cork Street, London, as well as, selected the runner up for the Marmite Prize for Painting 2010. She was selected by Rebecca Wilson for the ‘Burning Bright’ Emerging Artists from Saatchi Online, 2012, Hyatt, London, and recently selected for The ING Discerning Eye 2020 and Delta Gamma @ Saatchi curated by Zavier Ellis for The Contemporary Art Academy, 2022. 


Please see CV for further information.

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