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I found an actual balloon festooned zimmer frame abandoned outside a retirement home early one Sunday morning on my way to the studio. I like to think the residents each took turns on the air ballooned zimmer, what an After Party it must have been… I took took the oppurtunity to take several shots of this scene and have wanted for so long to paint it. Whilst painting, I had the ear worm 'Born Slippy' by Underworld playing in my head. 

After Party

SKU: After Party
  • On walking into the studio early one Sunday morning, I stumbled upon an actual balloon embellished zimmer frame, outside a retirement home. I immediately took several photos of this scene.

    I like to think the residents took turns on the air ballooned zimmer, and what a party it must have been... I am so happy I finally painted this whilst having the earworm Born Slippy by Underworld playing in my head. 

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