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This one of a kind original painting is created as part of a series titled

'Liquid Landscapes'


This body of work focuses upon the elemental nature of pigment, that we draw and mine for. Here both shop bought and made from scratch watercolour are luminously brought together in a celebration of and for paint. These velvety and rich paintings hold a gem like intimacy, whilst simultaneously addressing the landscape we inhabit at large.


'Coven', a meeting of like minded indivduals in the hollows of a cavenous cave filled with wonder and magic. 


Around 2012 I was invited to look over a deceased artist’s supplies, and check if there was anything that could still be of use to others. I was lucky enough to be gifted a few incredibly precious items. 

Amongst the supplies, I came across a small flat box that once contained ladies surgical stockings. I could see from the outside that something fine and glistening sighed from within. As I tentatively opened the lid, a diamond dust like substance gently enveloped aged paper sachets containing bronze, copper, silver and gold pigments, as well as, a beautiful corked bottle containing the sediment remains of a thick golden liquid. It felt like I had been gifted something magic, and therefore something to honour and care for. Last year I made a watercolour pan from the silver diamond dust, it was not until this year that I was compelled to work with it. 

Presented here, is a visual vignette of two artists (unknown to each other) drawn to and working with Diamond Dust. I don’t know how she used it but I like to think she is with me upon that pulped paper sheet. The Diamond Dust and indigo watercolour a fitting symbol of the inheritance of craft and tradition. This magical substance a vehicle to speak with our ancestors and uphold a tradition and way of making. 


  • Watercolour and silver diamond dust on paper

    Image: 5.5x5.5cm

    Paper: 24x19cm

    Signed and dated


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