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Oil on archival board

Image size: 15x10cm

Frame size: 16.5x11.5x3cm


Framed, signed and dated

Promise Held

SKU: Promise Held
  • I, like many have a long standing and fond memory of the wishbone. My dad would save the wishbone every sunday for us to share in the tradition of snapping and making a wish. On researching the tradition, I found out that traditionally the bone was never snapped but gently rubbed away as we made the wish, like the genie in a bottle. I love the more this gentle nature of asking.

    Here, in Promise Held, we see the shadow of two wishbones awaiting, like an audience, the final act. I even made a still life boxed scene to really inject this subject with a sense of animsm that the memory of this object holds for many of us.

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